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  • Dehydrated human amnion chorion membrane treatment of venous leg ulcers
    Dehydrated human amnion/chorion membrane treatment of venous leg ulcers
    Another scientific publication about a clinical case at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, using Dehydrated human amnion/chorion membrane for the treatment of venous leg ulcers.
  • TopicalAntibioticInTheWound
    Topical Antibiotic in the Wound
    “Topical Antibiotics” are medicines in the form of cream & ointment applied directly to the skin for destroying or inhibiting the growth of susceptible bacteria. The primary role of “Topical Antibiotic” is to reduce the microbial contaminant exposure after the surgery.
  • Modalities of wound Debridement
    This is my last presentation at the 5th Emirates Plastic Surgery Congress in Dubai in January 2020. Debridement as the first step for wound healing.
  • Innovation in wound care
    This is the second of three presentations that I had at the 5th Emirates Plastic Surgery Congress in Dubai in January 2020. It describes the use of dermal substitutes and tissue engineering in wound healing.
  • Beauty in wound care
    This is the first of three presentations and it describes the use of advanced dressing in the clinical practice.
  • The use of Hydrocellular Foam Versus Hydrocolloid Plate in the Prevention of Pressure Injuries
    An interesting scientific publication by Fabiana da Silva Augusto and Coll conducted single-center case series from April 2012 to July 2013, comparing the use of hydrocellular foam and hydrocolloid plate dressings on the prevention of bedsores.
  • Hyperbaric-and-wound-care-conference-December-4th-2019
    HBOT Symposium 2019
    I had my talk during 2nd Al Zahra Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy Symposium. Many thanks to Al Zahra Hospital Dubai for the opportunity and the continuous support!
  • Major Vitamins That Facilitates the Wound Healing Process
    Major Vitamins That Facilitates the Wound Healing Process
    Nutritional status of patients at the time of trauma influences the biochemical processes necessary for the phases of normal healing to occur To heal them properly, all you need is to undergo an effective treatment method. Also, it's pivotal to maintain healthy levels of “Vitamins” like A, B, C, E and other nutrients.
  • Acellular_dermal_matrix
    Use of human acellular dermal matrix for wound healing in a patient with necrotizing fasciitis
    This is a clinical case using hADM to close an open wound of the right foot caused by the penetration of part of a shell into the skin followed by necrotizing fasciitis, after multiple unsuccessful treatments using Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, porcine acellular dermal substitutes and a split-thickness skin graft.
  • wound-process
    An Overview on Wound Bed Preparation and the TIME Framework
    “Wound Bed Preparation” has become a standard model that allows physicians to identify and breakdown local barriers for healing the injury. It's a complex process that can be impacted by an array of significant factors. In addition, it usually progresses through various phases...
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