An Overview and Significant Benefits of Shock Waves Therapy in the Wound Healing


Whenever we talk about Shock Wave Therapy, our thoughts race back to the 1950s & 1960s when the electroshock technique was a therapeutic means of treating mental illness. And, even today, it has become the latest medical treatment for a wide range of diseases which afflict the human body. With this, patients as well as physicians will assuredly obtain outstanding results. To get in-depth knowledge pertaining to this particular method, you must understand that the process is non-invasive. Furthermore, it’s a highly advanced medical technology that can stimulate the healing of damaged as well as injured tissue.


Shock Waves Therapy in the Wound Healing works by triggering the regeneration potential of cells present in the body. In fact, this regenerative medicine can remove scar tissue and adhesions to increase blood flow. Therefore, shockwaves have persistently proven to be an effective treatment for a wide range of painful injuries and conditions. How the entire procedure works is undeniably quite simple. In this, a rod is charged with a low energy frequency that is an acoustic electro pulsation applied to an injured area by applying a gel at the source of the xproblem. The point of injury is where the significant technique is employed in order to support a faster healing process as well as pain relief.  

To add to your knowledge, it is utilized in treating musculoskeletal disorders and problems with connective tissues including ligaments & tendons. Not only this but it’s useful in an array of areas. For instance, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, golf & tennis elbows, patellar tendonitis, hip problems, back and chronic muscle pain. The good news here is that there are various key benefits of utilizing the technique. First of all, it’s a ‘drug-free method’ which requires no aesthetic for a treatment session. In this, ‘no surgical procedure’ is required whilst dealing with severe ache in your knee, shoulder, or other body parts. Apart from this, it ‘reduces acute & chronic’ pain. 

Last, but not least, the ‘effectiveness & cost’ of the method is something that attracts most sufferers from across the world. Once you’ve done with the session of Shock Waves Therapy in the Wound Healing, you may experience inflammation. This is because after the process, the body goes into healing mode and the health condition is only temporary. Whilst undergoing the treatment, don’t take anti-inflammatory drugs. Also, before you sign up for the technique, you should not suffer from bone tumors, infection, nerve problems, and circulation. Besides, if you are pregnant, the therapy is not suitable for you.

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