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Feb 28, 2022

Chronic Wound. What you have to know

A chronic wound is an injury that doesn’t heal in six weeks. Factors that contribute to chronic wounds include increased bacterial load, inappropriate treatment, trauma, lower extremity wounds, senescent/aberrant cells and so on

A chronic wound is an injury that doesn’t heal in 6 weeks and thus, it’s a big challenge to healthcare providers. Deep ulcers, infected cuts, and large burns are a few examples of it.
Several essential factors which contribute to the chronicity of the Chronic Wound include Increased Bacterial Load, Inappropriate Treatment, Trauma, Lower Extremity Wounds, Senescent/Aberrant Cells, etc. 

Individuals suffering from diabetes will need to improve their vascular health and nutrition. Both pressure and diabetic ulcers require offloading for an affected area. To treat venous ulcers, compression therapy plays an imperative role. While arterial ulcers require revascularization. Indeed, physicians employ the acronym T.I.M.E. (Tissue, Inflammation or Infection, Moisture, Edge) to determine reasons contributing to poor Chronic Wound healing. Apart from this, ‘Antibiotics’ is given to treat or prevent an infection caused by bacteria. Besides, you can perform ‘Wound Care’ by following various essential steps.

  • Cleaning.
  • Debridement.
  • Wound dressing.

The dressing could be in the form of gel, foam, gauge, bandage, or films.