Edema of the skin. Cause and treatment

Edema is swelling that occurs in different areas of the body when too much fluid gets trapped in the tissues. It often takes place in the epidermis, particularly on the legs, feet, ankles, arms, and hands. In addition, it also affects the lungs, eyes, brain, muscles, and bowels. Although the health condition primarily occurs in seniors as well as women who are pregnant, anyone can suffer from the illness. It’s mainly of four types including Peripheral, Pulmonary, Cerebral, and Macular.

The signs depend on the underlying causes, but tightness, pains, and swelling are a few common amid all. But, when it comes to major symptoms, an individual with Edema of the Skin may notice a headache, weight gain & loss, fuller hand & neck veins, nausea & vomiting, shiny & Swollen dermis, etc. Indeed, there are many pivotal causes & treatment options for the disease.



  • Heart Failure & Kidney Disease: If one or both of the lower chambers of the heart fail to pump the blood properly, then it can accumulate in the limb, causing a similar illness. However, an individual with a kidney disorder may not be able to eliminate sufficient sodium & fluid from the blood. And, this can lead to edema. 
  • Liver Disease & Pregnancy: Cirrhosis is what affects the function of the liver. It changes secretion in the discharge of hormones as well as fluid-regulating chemicals & reduced protein production. And, thus, edema can result in the abdominal cavity & legs.
  • Diabetes & Certain Medications: Complications of diabetes include acute renal & liver failure, cardiovascular illness, and protein-losing enteropathy which results in edema. Indeed, there are several medicines that increase the risk of the same. For instance, calcium channel blockers, estrogens, vasodilators, and more. 


It will actually depend on the actual cause of the Edema of the Skin. To add to your knowledge, diuretics are a significant type of medication that help you get rid of excess fluid by increasing the rate of urine production. Apart from this, an expert will assuredly recommend a specific treatment method as per the edema type you are suffering from.

Alternative Remedies:

Yes, there’re various self-care techniques that can help reduce or prevent edema which includes:

  • Losing weight & doing regular exercise
  • Cutting down the salt consumption
  • Raising the leg to improve circulation
  • Not standing or sitting still for too long
  • Avoiding extremes of the temperature like hot showers & baths
  • Dressing warmly in cold weather

In any case, it is required a full consultation with the doctors to treat the reason for the edema to prevent the wounds that it can lead to.

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